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The Hollywood STAR ROOM is a venue unlike any other built as a non-profit establishment to share the love of music and music fans; the wonderful owners/hosts Dave and James were so kind to invite us into their home, where they built on a stunning living/show room where we could enjoy the music from the dance floor or in the lounging area, even outside it could be herd; hungry?? No problem they even have a canteen open to cater food when needed which came in really handy having put on a mini festival called “Freedom Minifest”.

The mini fest was an all night music event filled with many bands of all different genres from metal by “Green Lung Grinders”, jammy rock done by “Tokyo Valentine”, hard rock played by Civil Defense, a hard acoustic funk punk rock by “Jake Cormier” a local talented artist who flies solo, there was also a new comer in the music world who played his first real gig “Blueberry Dropz” a Dj who plays multiple genres of the EDM world, right down to the organizer of the event Sarah McAdam who played with her band Panda Bee Catastrophe who are an alternative rock band influenced by the 90’s, all local artists from the Fredericton area, with many other bands and artists who graciously donated their talent and time during this event and the turn out of the crowd it was a great way to kick start the second round of Freedom Fest “In the Field”.

Jake Cormier @TheHollywoodStarRoom Freedom Mini Fest 2016

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A festival (Freedom Fest at the Farm) that happened well over 4 years ago for the first time is now coming back to life August 2017. The festival donates 51% of its proceeds to local charities, and focuses on local artists of all genres, with vendors of many talent; it helps bring all kinds of different wonderful people together despite their differences hence the word “freedom”. With the help from Dave and James at the Hollywood Star Room there will be more fundraising events to come in the near future to help make this all happen! Enjoy great music, good people, and very chill environments?

Great come on out support your local music and venues we promise you wont have bad time! We want to thank everyone for their support, a huge thank you to Dave and James for having such great hospitality, with a unique and outstanding place to jam, and most importantly the neighbor’s for putting up with our shenanigans! Thanks from all of us and the Freedom Fest crew.

List of Bands

Green Lung Grinders
Blueberry Dropz
Tokyo Valentine
Jake Cormier
Evans McGee
Linsay Morgan
Gentlemen, I’m Tanked
Panda Bee Catastrophe


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Written by Kassandra Daigle


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