The Hilltop Pub – More Than Beer and Steak

The Hilltop Pub – A Fredericton Staple

The Hilltop Pub and Grill has been a mainstay in the Fredericton restaurant scene for over 40 years. Renowned for it’s Steaks, Burgers and Beer, it has been a staple go-to-spot for Frederictonians and tourists alike. It has stood out as a beacon of good times, great people and wonderful food in the uptown area at its Prospect Street location.

The pub is steeped in history. The pub was established in 1974 by the Hill brothers. It was sold interim to another party. David Kileel bought it from the bank (it was closed) in 1981. Kileel’s son John took it over in 1982 and has been there ever since. Previous to the takeover John had previously worked for his dad at Diplomat, Silverwood and Hartt Island. Kileel Jr. was very proud to put it back on top as a reputable pub.

I strive for the Pub to stay current. People are more well-traveled with more developed palettes and want more flavourful food. I want the reputation of the pub to remain as the place for “good friend, good times, good food.”  John Kileel, Hilltop Owner

There have been a lot of changes over the years, from the staff to the food or to the building itself. Recently, Chef Peter Diveto joined the Hilltop crew as their leader in the kitchen. He understood the importance of tradition at the Hilltop, but has made positive strides to offer some more worldly flavours on his new menu.

The menu has changed somewhat with a lot of the old favourites like BBQ Chicken Nachos, the Jack Daniels Burger or the Chicken Kung Pow remaining. There have been some really exciting new additions too. The adding of unique burgers like the Mayan Burger, the Goodfella Burger or the Kamikaze present a new take on some old classics. There have been new seafood creations added, as well. The pub now offers trout and bass to round out it’s seafood arsenal. If you are a red meat eater…the Tomahawk Steak is sure to please your palette, weighing it at a whopping 22 ounces. Better bring your appetite.


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Address: 1034 Prospect Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 3C1






Phone: 506.458.9057

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