Freedomfest in the Field 2017 Lineup

From Jam to DJ FreedomFest Offers Something for Everyone

Freedomefest announced yesterday (on their Facebook page) that they had filled their last time-slot for their upcoming Festival in August. The event now boasts 60 plus musicals acts that are promising to rock the casbeh in Harvey, New Brunswick.

FreedomFest in the Field is the second incarnation of FreedomFest – First they partied on a farm, now it’s in a field. Last time the event raised over 800$ for each of the two charities (Eco Fredericton and The Angel fund) and this time they are hoping to raise over 8000$ each for Habitat for Humanity and Christmas Mummies. Now FreedomFest is happening again, this roaming festival calls Harvey, NB its home August 11th to 14th, 2017.

Featuring jam bands through metal, DJs ranging from house to minimal, FreedomFest in the Field will be a spectacular show for all! With three days of music ranging from Slowcoaster to Neighbourhood Watch, from Jinx the Cat to Hero’s Last Rite, from Soundsyster to John the Resonator we have jam, Funk, metal, rock, hip hop and EDM. It’s the party you don’t want to miss, and it’s close to Fredericton and Charlotte County. Last time we had this party we blew the roof off – let’s see what happens when it gets BIGGER!!

Find out more about the lineup below:

2017 Lineup

Slowcoaster | Three Sheet | Jinx the Cat | Joyful Noise | 40 minutes to 5:00 | A Lucid Nightmare | Adn Acadien | Assmatic | Mrs.Hippie | Blueberry Dropz | Brandon Kingston & Stuie MacEachern | DJ Brian Talbot | Hairesy |The Atomiks | Buffalo Jones | Bustin’ | Chris Mercer band | Civil Defence | DJ Cool | TrainerCody | Cyphier | Electromagnetic Blues Band | Engage the Threat | Green Lung Grinders | One For All | Hashtag This | Hero’s Last Rite | Hitman | Internal Night | Jason Tidd | John the Resonator | Kavara |Life Like Fire | the tortoise the hare & the millionaire | Linsay Morgan | Lionsault | LOLA | MAZK | Moment of Inertia | Kendra Gale Band | Wasteland Zombies | Soundsyster | Neighborhood Watch | Obscure Illusions |Panda Bee Catastrophe | Short for Arthur | Disraeli Dreamers | Monteith | Mr. Hyde | Juice Girls | JELLY | Ultra Magnus & DJ Slam | Wangled Teb | Rifium | Discord | Elevate the Virus | Ceeb Dread | Yung DJ | Mitch E. Wilde

Event Poster

Freedomfest 2017


You can purchase FreedomFest in the Field Extra Early Bird tickets for $90.00 (12 in stock) at:

Upcoming Fundraisers for the Event

FreedomFest In The Field Auction And FUNraiser on June 7th at Dolan’s Pub.

Auction items include:
Dinner for two at Dolans
Locally made jewellery
Paintings by Black Canvas
Twisted Creations tree and earrings
40 Minutes to 5:00 shirt
Panda Bee Catastrophe shirt
Hero’s Last Rite shirt


You can purchase clothing to help the cause:

Shirts are also on sale hoodies – 60$ (8 left) or T-shirts – 20$

Contact the festival to get yours today!

For more information:


Twitter: FreedomFestFarm



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