Exciting Line-up Changes From Freedomfest and More

Freedom Fest in the Field  Announces Artist Line-Up Changes, Vendor List and a Fun Contest

Freedom Fest in the Field announced today that Bunchoffuckingoofs had to withdraw from this year’s festival. The legendary punk-rockers, heralding from Toronto, cited health issues as the reason. However, Freedomfest organizers refused to be thwarted for the headlining punk act. Today the festival proudly announced Time Lizard would be filling in the space and festival-goers will be thrilled.

Time Lizard Intro Video

This video was specifically made for Fred-E-Scene to introduce Time Lizard to you for Freedomfest:

Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx8tPQr6uDY&feature=youtu.be

Time Lizard is an up-and-coming band from Halifax. They play a blend of punk/metal and alternative hard rock that is sure to rock the crowd. Festival organizer, Sarah McAdam promises that they are not-miss performers that are going to blow the lid off of this event. She is happy that they are fronted by a woman, which falls in line for the festival mission to be more female-centric.  The band is comprised of 4 members that are multi-instrumentalists, whose stage energy is unparalleled.

Photos of Time Lizard

Band Members

Zack Kalbfleisch – Bass/Vokills
Clark Marie – Vokills
Josh (George) Mckenzie – Guitar
Kenny Crouse – Drums

More Information

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lizardtime/

Vendors List

The vendor list for Freedomfest has become quite impressive. With a variety vendors  offering clothing or accessories to artists and special performers…there is a little something for everyone.

  • PLA3D Carvings
    The Strange & Bizzar East Coast Side Show
    The Strange & Bizzar East Coast Side Show
  • Hemp By Ally Erin Hilson
  • Twisted Creations
  • Heights Cold Brew
  • Ink Monkeys
  • Wolfprints/Ubiquitous Tones
  • Black Canvas
  • Leona Marshall Arts
  • Aniçka Clothing
  • Vagabond Drums
  • Bears Beard Oil
  • Things Just Add Smoke
  • Yummy Mummy
  • Hammerthreads
  • Bullet Jewellery
  • Strange & Bizzar
  • Lulu Sky
  • Sharon Epic
  • Fredericton Firespinners

Food Vendors

Freedomfest in the Field is excited to announce the list of food vendors for this year’s festival. They are very proud that the festival is deep-fried free. They wanted festival attendees to have access to healthier food options that are standard fair at similar venues.

Homemade Goodness Deep-fried Delights

Offering: Pizza, breakfast and other homemade food

In The Doghouse

Offering:  Yakitori stand with gluten free and vegan options

Michelle Martin

Offering: BBQ & Smokehouse

Festival Pass Contest

Everyone loves contests…so Fred-E-Scene has put together a prize package that is worth over $200.00 to help celebrate the return of Freedomfest. That is music any audiophile’s ears. Here is more about the contest.

One ticket to Freedomfest in the Field and a Festival T-Shirt

A Hero’s Last Rite Wasted Prayer CD and T-Shirt

A Green Lung Grinders‘ CD

A Dinner for Two at In the Dog House (At the venue)

To be entered to win, all you have to share this post and like Freedom Fest in the Field’s Facebook page. It’s just that easy.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017.

No Cash Value. Non Transferable. Fred-E-Scene is not responsible for the quality or delivery of these products. 

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