Monteith Releases New Album….Mania Ensues

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Brothers Release Long-Awaited Album

Fredericton/Woodstock hard-rockers, Monteith, have announced their long-awaited debut EP Monteith Mania. The wait was definitely worth it. From the onset of the lead-off, title track ‘Monteithmania‘, you are instantly launched into the metal stratosphere that is over-looked by the metals Gods themselves. If you like good boot-wearing, hard rock and metal standards this is your ticket.

“The whole album from start to finish is a party waiting to wreck your house! SO kick out the parents and pets and crank it to 11+ ‘Monteithmania’ is here!”

Chris Waddell, Host  – Crazy Train radio show/Lead Singer – The Wasteland Zombies

Monteithmania is laden with powerful and insightful guitar riffs. This is offset by amazing rhythm and a machine-gun drum section, that is not afraid to sneak in some high-hat. The cherry on the whip-cream on top of the belly-shot is the awesome vocals that aren’t afraid to get down-right grungy or to harmonize.

I think it took us too long to start recording Monteith Mania, but this has been a difficult balancing act between preparation, due process, and truly getting to work. At the end of the day, when it comes to how the audio shakes the speakers, I have no regrets.

Jake Duffie, Owner – Jake Duffie Audio/Live-in Recording Tech

The album is very reminiscent of works by Sabbath, Kyuss, or Pentagram…with a slight peppering of Dio, Jane’s Addiction, Alice in Chains and Deep Purple. Which is about as good as it gets, by the way. It definitely has its own sound and feel though. To be honest, I am quite impressed. The most impressive thing is that band has not released anything more than a few demos. This inaugural album places Monteith at the top of their game and the on our metal playlist.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. The whole album is below. Enjoy.

Monteith Mania – MONTEITH

YouTube Link:

Track Listing

1. Monteithmania – 0.00
2. Abyssonaut – 5.29
3. Good Friend Song – 11.37
4. Yesterday’s Jam – 16.44
5. The Man Strikes Again – 22.21
6. Rifflords – 27.26
7. Wicked Riff of the West – 31.32
8. The Long Shadow of Mystery – 35.52
9. Secret Weed – 42.33

About Monteith

Brothers since the dawn of time… Shaun and Daniel Monteith were born to rock. From the days of their youth, they were bombarded with radio-active Kid Rock, Metallica and AC/DC soundwaves.

Monteith – The Long Shadow of Mystery Live at the Grindhouse 4/20/2015


For years, they practiced until they met the ultimate drummer : Chaddus Provost who could throw down to Def Leppard as hard as he could blast-beat. The last piece of the puzzle was a bass-man whould could go lower than you thought possible. They cut their teeth on house-parties, taking every show they could get, then hosting and playing with bands from all across the world, eventually culminating in an international web of Monteith-Mania from coast to coast. Triumphantly, Monteith gallivants across the Canadian landscape going wherever rock is needed.

Band Members

Shaunteith: Mighty Vocals and Rhythm instrumentation
Dan Halen: Epic shred + double singing
Chaddus Provost: The actual best drummer + triple singing
Sugar James (Tasse): Space Bass + 4thHarmony

Upcoming Tour Dates

Don’t fret if you don’t see a Freddy Beach gig on the schedule below…Monteith will be playing a Grindhouse ‘house’ party show on June 11th at 668 Charlotte St. in Fredericton. Additionally, they will be playing at the upcoming Freedomfest in the Field in mid-August.

Find out more about Freedomfest in the Field here:





Jake Duffie Audio:

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