Harvest Jazz & Blues Recap with Video

2017 Harvest Jazz & Blues Was A Huge Success


Jen and I ran from end-to-end of the festival capturing the bands, people, vendors and ambiance of the festival to share with you. We hope that you enjoyed it. We met a lot of cool people, while enjoying some awesome music. We are already looking forward to next year.

Jen was looking so forward to seeing little ‘Taz’. She took over the camera that night and captured a very special picture of him. She is just getting her wings with the lens and we think she earned them with this shot. So, we waited until the very last to share it with you…

Watch Our 2017 Harvest Jazz & Blues Recap Video


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IPuMKxx_b0&feature=youtu.be


Our Favs of the Festival



Hands down, I thought Les Hotesses D’hilaire were absolutely brilliant. The band from Moncton blew my mind. I say ‘that they were a band that infused Devo with Frank Zappa in a wonderful electronic transvestite orgy.’

I really loved seeing Taz. I thought he would just be a novelty act…but was pleasantly surprised at his raw talent and energy. A definite must see.

The Ghost of Paul Revere was a refreshing breath of air in the festival. They weren’t on my my radar and was shocked at how awesome they were.


Jennifer went to the festival wanting to see Taz….and was not disappointed. She loved the way he shredded the guitar. Being a mother, she appreciated his outstanding talent at such a young age. She can’t wait to see him again.

She really loved the Crossroad Devils from Fredericton. She actually saw them twice. She says, ‘that they rocked the house down.’

Blind Dog was another artist that she really enjoyed. She thought that the harmonica player was mind-blowing and interacted with the crowd very well. She felt the band was filled with seasoned professionals. A must see.

Honorable Mentions

We both loved seeing the Downtown Blues Band. They are always great to see.

I loved seeing Steve Earle. He is a classic that I grew up with.

We both independently fell in love with Lee Boy. He produces solid straight-up blues.

Jen thought Matt Comeau was pretty darn good.

The Trans-Canada Highwaymen were freaking amazing. Having Steven Page join them on stage was pretty special too.

Jen also thought Muddy Magnolias was very talented. That woman could sing.

Earle and Coffin were very impressive. Enough said.



I wanted to thank Jennifer Green for helping me out by doing such an amazing job organizing everything and taking cool pix and vids. She did that after a death in her family on Friday. What an amazing lady.

I also wanted to give a huge thank you to the Hilltop Pub for helping us out with some Ultimate Passes. You rock.

I also want to thank Green’s Catering for feeding us awesome grub. I love the food!!!

A huge thank you goes out to the volunteers who work so hard. As well as, the ones who treated us so well, as we ran around with our heads cut off trying to photograph the whole damn festival.

A really big thanks goes out to the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival for throwing such an awesome freaking party. See you next year!!!

Another big thank you goes to all of the rocking musicians who blew the top off of Fredericton. My hat is off to you!


Bonus: Some Special Moments




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