The Reaper Cup Heats Up The Hilltop

Even Hotter Than Last Year


Another year of the Reaper Cup kicked off at the Hilltop last night. With a trip to Vegas on the line, competitors lined up to see if they had the stomach to take on the wings slathered in the infamously, hot Hilltop Reaper sauce. Fred-E-Scene and our parent company Sirf Marketing are proud sponsors of this exciting event and were on hand to document the event.

It was an elimination round with the seven competitors being cut down to five to advance to the final 3 rounds. The lowest time over the next three weeks wins the trip for two to Vegas. It was a fierce battle with even a 2 second difference between competitor’s times. At the end of the night, Max Brown had the fastest time with an impressive time of 1:38. What makes it impressive is the fact that the competitors had to eat 15 large breaded Pinty’s wings smothered in blistering hot Reaper Pepper sauce. In case you didn’t know, the Reaper Pepper is the hottest pepper in the world, coming in at an amazing 1,569,300 units on the Scoville Scale.

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Another cool fact about the night’s competition is that the second place was taken by the lone female competitor, Kate Gallant…who is a vegan. Talk about trying to turn a vegan into Vegas. People who have tried the sauce say that it is much hotter than last year…or pure heat.

There were tons of door prizes given out throughout the night provided by sponsors. Sponsors include: New Beginnings Vape Studio, Esthetics by Samm, Canadian Tire Gas+, Pintys, Sysco, Costco, Mulders Meats, In the Dog House Hot Dog Cart, Sirf Marketing, Motts Clamato, Jack Daniels, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and East Coast Lifestyle. To get tickets, customers must purchase a bucket of Pabst Blue Ribbon (5 beer for 21.99) or the Hilltop’s special Caesar (made especially for the event).

The second round is next Tuesday night starting at 7:00 pm. Come cheer on your favorite Iron Stomach Competitor. Maybe you can try the reaper sauce yourself.


Meet The Competitors


As of week one of the Reaper Cup there were 10 competitors registered. There were 12, but two had to withdraw, because their doctor ordered it. When the contest kicked off there were 3 no-shows…guess they were scared. That left the competition pool at 7 competitors. The 7 brave competitors for week one are: Sean Wiseman, Rick MacDonald, Owen Miller, Max Brown, Kate Gallant, Darren Mackenzie and Chuck Barry.



Max: 1:38

Kate: 3:00

Chuck: 4:44

Owen: 4:46

Darren: 5:38

Rick: 6:05

Sean: 7:49


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  1. Eric

    I was supposed to be there but was one of the no shows (well, I did message ahead of time). When you get stuck on someone’s computer problem and don’t get to finish your work shift until 6:40, and then have to take care of wife and kids, it just didn’t leave me any time to actually get there to compete. I’d gladly go tomorrow since they are now down to 3 if they’d allow it. Still going to buy myself a plate of those wings next week (after payday).

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