Local Man Wins Champions for Cultural Diversity Award

Saa Andrew Gbongbor wins a Champions for Cultural Diversity Award for New Brunswick. The purpose of the Champions for Cultural Diversity is to recognize employers for their good practices in the areas of diversity, inclusion and the integration of newcomers into the labor market in New Brunswick.

Saa is a former refugee from Sierra Leone who currently resides in Fredericton, NB. He attended Saint Thomas University where he majored in human rights and world history, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Saa Andrew is the president of the New Brunswick African Association. He is the producer of a youth talent show empowering newcomer youth to find avenues for developing self-confidence and ways for self-expression through arts. Saa is also a member of the New Brunswick Arts/Youth Commission. His goal is to use the arts to create change in his community and beyond. He is an up-and-coming entrepreneur who enjoys working with groups, organizations, and individuals with the aim of building stronger communities

Since arriving in Canada in June 2004, Saa has been working with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton as a child and youth facilitator, which gives him the opportunity to meet diverse people from all over the world. In his day to day, Saa goes above and beyond in the Fredericton region as well as across Canada to promote cultural diversity and inclusion through various community arts and recreation initiatives. Through the initiatives that he creates and leads, youth from diverse cultural backgrounds are able to make active contributions in their community. With his mentoring and connections, he is able to help so many newcomers feel like they truly belong, and even access employment – giving them financial security. It is with honor that I present this special contribution award to a dear member and an inspiring entrepreneur – Thank you Saa Andrew for your commitment to helping newcomers integrate in Canada!

More About The Awards

The Champions for Cultural Diversity awards are through the New Brunswick Multicultural Association. They received a total of 47 nominations for both categories: 40 Anglophone and 7 Francophone. From these 47 nominations, they chose 6 winners representing three different categories: large business, small and medium business and individuals.

To choose the winners, they created a committee, made up of 6 of their members’ representatives. They conducted follow up calls with the nominees and onsite visits with the finalists. It was a long and fair process to ensure that the winners were chosen impartially.

They were pleased to announce that this year that they had significant recognition of individuals from the various communities, this prompted the decision to add a new ‘special award’ category. They have added two special awards this year to thank the contributions of three leaders, devoted to the welcoming and integration of newcomers.

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