Gallery 78 is exhibiting the still life works of renowned Canadian artist Joseph Plaskett. The exhibition will be on display from December 1st until December 31st.

Joseph Plaskett – The Sublime Mastery of Still Life

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Take Time to Slow Down

Gallery 78 is exhibiting the still life works of renowned Canadian artist Joseph Plaskett. The exhibition will be on display from December 1st until December 31st. Included from his estate are 14 never before seen pastels, these works are peaceful and offer us a chance to reflect and wonder.
An excerpt from an essay Danielle Hogan has written describes this exhibition well:
“Today – captive to cell phones, social media, and the relentless pursuit of Progress – the seemingly passive nature of a still life painting may come across as nostalgic. However, such an idea could not be further from the truth, still lifes remain as cutting-edge a subject matter as ever. Consider for a moment how many times a family member, friend, colleague, (or you) has expressed a desire to unplug from life’s contemporary and incessant agitations. As a global population, we crave the opportunity to slow-down and to pay close attention to our existence, to simply ‘be still’. Slow down; it is the mantra of our times.”


About Joseph Plaskett


Canadian Joseph Plaskett, born the 12th of July 1918, in New Westminster, British Columbia is mainly known for being one of Canada’s most established painters. Joe took a liberal arts grounding at the University of British Columbia, resulting in an honours degree in history. A pupil of Hans Hofmann, he studied in New York and Provincetown in 1947 and 1948. In New York City under Hans Hoffmann, a central figure in the history of modern art, Plaskett further explored the boundaries of pictorial structure and in 1949 Joe travelled to Paris where he tamed these forces with instruction from masters including Fernand Léger, a key figure in the history of all art. Innate talent began to stabilize into something greater. Plaskett also studied art in Banff, San Francisco, New York, London.

Joseph Plaskett at Winchester Galleries (Victoria BC)

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Joe taught again at the Vancouver School of Art and Emma Lake in the 50’s but made Paris his permanent home in 1960. Since then Joe has lived in Europe. Since 2001, he lived in Suffolk, England. Despite living abroad for over fifty years, he was staunchly Canadian. Almost annually he returned to his homeland and held exhibitions across the country. A legendary host and supporter of Canadian artists working in Europe, he was considered an unofficial Ambassador in Paris. He finally gave up his 15th century Paris townhouse, home to fantastic parties throughout the age of parties, in 2004 and dedicated the proceeds of the sale to the establishment of the Plaskett Foundation. The foundation funds a year of European development for a young Canadian artist annually. When the formation of the foundation was announced in 2005,

“I created this award in emulation of what Emily Carr did for me in 1946. I would like young Canadian artists to enjoy the privileges I experienced more than a half century ago. Europe and, above all, France, have left me richer in knowledge and experience. Although things have changed a great deal since I first traveled and studied abroad, the lesson of Europe and its past is always waiting for those ready to learn.”

Joseph Plaskett

He taught intermittently in Canada until 1957 and afterwards settled definitely in Paris where his studio became an informal salon for Canadian painters, writers, poets and filmmakers, interfacing with artists from other countries. Since the 1940s, he has had over 65 solo and group exhibitions, with work in major public, private and corporate collections, including the National Gallery of Canada. His chosen subjects have always been intimate expressions of everyday life – interiors, still life, and portraits of friends and models. There is a warm humanity to his work, a love of light and form and colour that is evident in every painting he produces. In the spring of 2001, he received the Order of Canada for his excellence in the field of visual art. In 2004, he set up The Joe Plaskett Foundation which makes an annual award to a Canadian artist to enable them to travel to Europe to grow and study. Plaskett’s work is held in many collections worldwide.

About Gallery 78

The oldest private art gallery in New Brunswick was established in 1976 by James and Inge Pataki. James, a classical musician, and Inge a practicing visual artist, arrived in Fredericton from Europe in 1970 when James joined the Brunswick String Quartet at the University of New Brunswick.

Avid art lovers and collectors for many years, they quickly became an integral part of the province’s cultural community and opened a gallery in their home at 78 Brunswick Street with a stable of artists/friends including Bruno Bobak, Molly Lamb Bobak, David Blackwood, Carol Fraser, Brigid Toole Grant, Joseph Plaskett, David Silverberg and others. By the late 1980’s their home was no longer adequate to house this flourishing business and with foresight and considerable tenacity, they acquired the Crocket House, an historic home the present location since 1989.

Situated in Fredericton’s historic downtown, overlooking the scenic Saint John River, the gallery is just steps away from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Legislative Assembly and Christ Church Cathedral. The building itself is a stately 19th century Queen Anne Revival mansion complete with conical roof, corner turret, decorative shingles, bay and stained glass windows, and intricate woodwork.

The gallery provides studio space to artists and an adjacent coach house is the home base for the outdoor theatre group, the Calithumpians.

Gallery 78 presents major solo and group exhibitions every month throughout the year in seven spacious exhibition areas.

While Inge continues to provide counsel to the gallery, daughter Germaine Pataki-Thériault and colleague Kim Bent work with family and close friends to promote the wonderful art of Atlantic Canada to the world.

Galleries should be enjoyable, comfortable, inspiring places to visit. Gallery 78 is renowned for its exceptional service, warm hospitality, high quality art selection, expert advice, honesty and integrity. Clients have trusted the gallery since 1976 to help build their art collections and beautify their homes and offices. Gallery 78 serves a clientele of corporate, private, and public collectors in Canada and abroad.

Gallery 78 is honoured to have been recognized with the 2004 Micro Business Excellence Award and the 2016 Community Leadership through Business Award by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.

Gallery 78 is a long standing member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada.

Professional appraisal services are offered in accordance with the International Society of Appraisers.








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