The City of Fredericton reminds residents that from December 1 to March 31, parking is not permitted on city streets between midnight and 7 am. The ban, which is in effect whether there is snow or not, allows crews to efficiently remove and haul snow from city streets.

The extended parking ban is meant to keep vehicles off the street so City crews can better salt, sand, plow and remove snow from roadways during winter weather. Being able to do this without having to work around parked vehicles, helps avoid buildups of snow and ice on streets that cause roadways to narrow and resulting in traffic problems.

Residents are encouraged to find alternate off-street locations to park their vehicles, so work crews can more quickly get to work if the weather changes. As per Bylaw No. T-1, A By-law to Regulate Traffic, vehicle owners are reminded that there is $25.00 fine for not complying with the parking ban and that vehicles are towed at the owners’ expense.

In previous years, the City has attempted to contact vehicle owners before towing. This slowed down snow plowing and snow removal operations. In the interest of increasing speed and efficiency, and improving winter street quality, there will no longer be any attempts made to contact the registered owner of the vehicle before towing.

The City thanks residents for their cooperation in this matter. For more information on the City’s winter and summer parking ban, visit, search Overnight Parking. Motorists who believe their vehicle has been towed should call the Fredericton Police Force at (506) 460-2300.

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